Friday, August 13, 2010

Falling Waters Trail

Dave’s been complaining that he’s the only one posting to the blog, so I promised him that I would post from our ride today. Pales in comparison to his mountain climbing exploits….but it was still a lot of fun! Cousin Alex was visiting us and it seemed like a good time to ride the “Falling Waters Trail” that runs from Jackson, MI to Concord, MI…. a distance of about 11 miles. It’s a converted rail bed, paved, flat and wide enough to comfortably ride three abreast. The trail goes right through the middle of Lime Lake and by Spring Arbor which is where the parents/grandparents live. So we rode the entire trail, doubled back and then took a detour off the trail to go visit them. While I worked on fixing Mom’s computer issues, Mike and Alex did an additional six miles up and down surrounding hills. Plus, they were talking so much that they “missed” Lime Lake, and had to see it before looping over to the folks. So overall, I did about 24 miles to their 31. It was a pleasant ride….not too hot and the flat terrain was a nice change from what we usually experience.

We borrowed a bike for Alex, so had to spend time fitting it at the trailhead

starting out along the trail in Concord

There are fields on each side, so you see this sign every little while

scenery along the way

There's places to stop and rest along the way. This spot is right on Lime Lake (that's not us)

Lime Lake

you can see Lime Lake on both sides in this picture

pausing at the Jackson does continue on to a "city trail" which goes through Jackson. Someday we'll ride that too.

Trail head in Jackson

Grandma took this and didn't cut off our heads! : D


  1. Looks like a really pretty trail. Thanks for posting the pics mom!

    Was that part of the trail that went over the lake manmade? Is there a way for the water to flow between them or is there now essentially two lakes?

  2. the whole trail is manmade because it is a railway bed. I don't know but I suspect, based on the fact that it all seemed pretty solid, that there is nothing but some culverts between the two now

  3. It was a beautiful day today! Sunshine and 81 degrees on April 10th!!! Rode the 28 round mile trip to Concord and back....what a nice ride...and what a nice trail!!!

  4. I have yet to ride it this year. Really hoping to in the next couple of weeks. Just recently found out that my Dad has been one of the volunteer clean up people who help to keep the trail in tip top shape. The community is very involved.