Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Cronkright's conquer Mt. Pilchuck!

Dave's been wanting to show me why he wants to stay in Washington and keep on with the mountain climbing he loves so much. I had an opportunity to go to Seattle so he arranged for a little "hike" up Mt. Pilchuck. We had beautiful weather. I stayed in long sleeves the whole way but never needed my jacket and only used my glove liners a little. Mt. Pilchuck is about 5300 feet tall and our vertical ascent was about 2200 feet. It took us around 3 1/2 hours to get to the top. The trail is very rocky and Dave says that is not typical but Mt. Pilchuck is a very popular ascent for novice climbers. That describes me! There were probably about a dozen other climbers we met along the trail. Many had dogs with them. None of the dogs were leashed but all were well behaved. Perhaps the most interesting climber we met was Ben who is 90 years old. Yes, he made it to the top! It was quite an inspiration.

Yup, we were really here!

Dave at the beginning of the trail

early on the trail looked much like what we would see in Michigan but that soon changed

some views from the trail:

King of the World!!!

There were times it was hard to find the trail

Lynn at the summit- - 5300 feet!

The final "boulder scramble" up to the old fire lookout at the summit. That's Dave ascending it. He made it!

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