Monday, July 18, 2011

Anxious to climb "The Mountain"

Counting down the days until I make my trip up Mt. Rainier. Just four to go! I have to tell you I getting really anxious. I've never been so excited for some event and yet at the same time eager to have it over with. I hope I'm ready for this. Saturday I went up Mt. Pilchuck and practiced glacier travel with most of the group. The mountain was covered in snow (even in July!) and we learned about how to deal with crevasses and how to work on a rope team. Even with the practice I feel really nervous.
But I can't back out now! I've spent too much money on gear! I have a feeling this will be a defining climb for me. I'll know by Sunday whether I was made to be a mountain climber or not. After this I may have a permanent case of summit fever.
I have some pictures from two Saturdays ago, from Mt. Dickerman, a massive mountain several hundred feet taller than Pilchuck and covered with snow from 4000 ft up. When I get a chance I'll post those too.

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