Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mount Si.

This trail dog has summiting into his blood. Last Memorial Day I ventured once again to North Bend, Wa, this time to climb the big brother of the previous hike, Mount Si, one of Washington's most popular trails. The trip is 8 miles long, four up and four down, and it was extremely challanging for this vetern hiker but novice summiter. Different sources argue for different final heights, but I'll use one source that says 3900 ft. (there is some evidence that its actually more than 4000 ft.) , with an amazing 3150 ft. elevation gain.

So here are some of the best pictures from the trip:

The picture of me was taken atop the true summit of Mt. Si, called the "haystack", a scramble
that is several hundred feet tall. Climbing the haystack was tricky and very scary, but definently worth it for the accomplishment alone.
My next hike will either be a sunrise hike up Mt. Si, or possibly a trek up Little Bandera Mountain, which is supposedly 5000+ ft. tall! Also, in the near future I will be releasing Notes from the Log Episode 2, detailing my entire adventure on Mt. Si.

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