Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Summer of Summits 2009

I have just returned from an amazing hike up Bandera Mountain, and while I was traversing this beautiful wilderness, and mastering a challenging peak, I had an idea. I decided I would make it my goal this summer is to climb five peaks that are over 5000 ft. tall! In fact, I am actually hoping for seven summits, but five is simply a more reasonable goal. Bandera Mountain was the first of these hikes, and at the top I reached an elevation of approximately 5150 ft. I'll tell more about that adventure when I release the photos from that climb, hopefully later this week.

This is a fairly ambitious goal, but its very doable considering that I live probably within an hour and a half from two dozen of these mountains. In fact, according to one website, there are 113 5000+ ft. peaks in Washington State! So let the Summer of Summits begin! Also, I would like to encourage my fellow ATCOTAT writers to conquer some of their own summits and share their adventures here. Tim & Jessica, consider Clingmans Dome (4,503 ft.) and Thunderhead Mountain (5,527!). Mom & Dad, perhaps you should try Mount Arvon, the highest point in Michigan (which is actually a very sad 1,972 ft., but we can still show some Michigan pride, right) or Giant Mountain (4,626) in New York. Truly, there is a Summer of Summits waiting for everyone.

As for me, next up is Mount Defiance (5,584), an adjacent peak to Bandera Mountain, complete with its own mountain lake, and in late July I hope to tackle the American Ridge (6,946!!). Also, Granite Mountain , McClellan Butte, and Silver Peak are on my short list. This inaugural Summer of Summits is going to be spectacular!


  1. Sounds like a great plan to me! Where is Mount Arvon?

  2. Google maps says its West and a bit north of Marquette.