Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bandera Mountain - Part 3

I REALLY REALLY wanted to go hiking today, but the weather is terrible. says that there will be scattered thunderstorms right about the time I would have summited whatever peak I chose. Seriously, I'm not really excited about the possibility of getting struck by lighting. This is major setback because I only have a few weekends left to hike before school starts up again. To reach my Summer of Summits goal I'm actually planning on doing two mountains in one day, climbing Silver Peak (5603 ft.), and then Mt. Catherine (5052 ft.) or Tinkham Peak (5295 ft.). This is possible because they are all along the same trail.

But since I'm stuck at home today, I might as well post the final set of photos from my hike up Mt. Bandera. The first five pictures were all taken from the summit of the mountain, and the very last image was taken during my descent. Snow is a feature in images one and two, and I had a fun time sliding on my butt down part of a slope (hiking back up was another matter). There was snow on part of Mt. Si too back in may when I climbed it.

If you haven't already, click on the pictures themselves to see them in their full size, and then go back and do the same with the last two posts. You will be taken back by the beauty of the mountain presented in such detail! Enjoy!

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  1. Dave! These are gorgeous! you've taken some beautiful pictures. So good that I almost feel like I'm right there : )