Monday, August 17, 2009

Bandera Mountain - Part 2

Here are some more spectacular images from Bandera Mountain! I've been delayed in posting these due to a busy school schedule (full time work + class = not fun, and no hiking too!!!). Now I'll have some time to tackle a few more peaks, but in the mean time, I'll post parts 2 and 3 of my Bandera Mt. adventure.

The photos below were taken mostly from the beginning of the true Bandera Trail, as it leaves the Ira Spring Trail and climbs a super steep set of switchbacks to the summit. Photos 1 and 3 should give you an idea of just how steep it was. Some (IMHO "crazy") people hiked up the slope just fine, but I opted to use my hands for most of the way. Photo 4 was taken, I believe, near the summit, and it is one of the best pictures of Rainier this trip produced. Photo 5 was taken from the Summit of Bandera Mt., looking at the backside of the mountain. I believe the peak in that photo to be Mt. Defiance, and the pleasant pool below it is called Mason Lake.

In my next entry in this series I will show you some of my best summit photos! The world is absolutely beautiful above 5000 ft!

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  1. Dave: these are absolutely gorgeous! what a view! thank you so much for posting them : )